Long live your sustainable jeans

How long are my sustainable jeans going to last?

This is one of the questions we ask ourselves most before buying new sustainable jeans. Even more if we are betting on eco-friendly garments to make a more responsible and environmentally friendly consumption.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that what will make you want to have a garment for a long time also depends on the value you give it: how you feel with it, if it is comfortable for you, if you give it regular use… So the first thing is to accommodate that garment to you. Maybe it is very sober and needs customization, maybe you need to put in or take out in some area, raise the bottom to adapt it to the desired length …

Whenever you are going to intervene in your sustainable jeans, we recommend WASHING FIRST (after try them on and confirm that the size is correct) since most of our fabrics are raw denim, without post treatments and shrink a little (1-2%) with the first wash, while the fabric softens and becomes more moldable. This way your arrangement will be perfect.

sustainable jeans


For the washings you can consult our guide although in general our recommendation is to space it as much as possible (to reduce the ecological impact of the garment) use less aggressive ecological detergents and always do it with the garment inside out and dark clothes in the cold washing machine or no more than 30 degrees.

Fabric durability

The quality and the weight of the fabric influence the durability of the fabric (to more weight, more durability, but also more time of “domestication” so that it adapts to the body). In addition to this, our movements influence the wear of those areas that we rub more frequently, causing the fabric to soften or break earlier.

If you have already detected what are the weak points in your clothes, it would be advisable to reinforce them before the fabric is very damaged. This will allow your jeans to last much longer.

In Xiro we will provide a repair kit with a piece of our fabric, thread of the color of the model you are going to repair and needle in case you dare to do it by hand. With this kit and a little dedication, surely your sustainable jeans will have a long life.

sustainable jeans
sustainable jeans

How to patch

Before patching we must mark the area of fabric that is damaged and cut the patch larger than this area, so that we take a good piece of healthy fabric that will serve as a grip so that the reinforcement is really durable.

Once cut, we put it over the part that we are going to reinforce, always on the inside of the pants. If we are going to do it by hand or simply want to ensure that the patch doesn’t move, we can put a piece of adhesive fiselin (always larger than the patch) that we will stick with the iron.

Now (with or without fislin / hand or machine) we can start zigzag sewing from one end to another with small stitches. What we are looking for is to replace the missing fabric with these stitches.

Following these simple recommendations you can enjoy your Xiro for much longer and turn them into endless sustainable jeans.

sustainable jeans

Xiro sustainable jeans.